What are Call of Duty Points? How to get free COD points are some of the questions we get asked every day. Have you just downloaded and installed COD mobile for the first time? Are you having a hard time understanding what COD points (CP) are? If your answer is yes then we suggest you keep reading to find answers to your questions. After perusing this guide, you will understand what COD points are. Additionally, you will learn the different methods you can use to earn CP COD Mobile.

What Are Call of Duty Points?

what are Call of Duty PointsCOD points are the official currency for the game. It is with the CP that you can purchase and perform all kinds of upgrades in the game. Starting from upgrading your character, to purchasing battle passes for each season. Even with changing your game username, you still need CP. In fact, without the COD points, playing the game will be significantly boring. Think of all the cool things you could do with CP.

However, you do not need CP to upgrade guns in CODM. So yes, you can easily upgrade to the best optics for AK47 without spending your precious CPs.

How to Get Free COD Points

Now that you have understood what COD points are, let’s talk about how to earn CP in COD Mobile. There are different methods that people use to earn themselves CPs. Some methods are free while others are not. In this section, we will talk about both the free and the not-free methods. However, you will have examine both methods and decide which is suitable for your needs.

The Paid Method

As the name suggestion, the paid method is all about using your real money to buy COD CP. The good news is that they are super cheap and affordable. Also, there is no waiting! You receive your CPs instantly the moment your payment is verified.

The good thing about spending your money on CODM CPs is that you normally will get your money back. In COD, you usually will receive your money worth of CPs back after reaching tier 50. However, from season 6 in the game, things have kind of changed. While you don’t get to receive a full refunds of your money spent on CPs, you still more than half of the money spent back. That way, you still have CP to purchase new battle pass when they get released.

You could use the purchased CP to purchase some of the best guns in COD Mobile. That is if you have not reached the level for your desired guns to be unlocked. Be that as it may, I always advise people against spending CP on guns as those can and will be easily earned over time.

Unfortunately, not everybody will have the extra budget to purchase CPs. If you fall into such category, don’t worry. Make sure to check out other methods discussed below. Who knows? One may just work for you.

The Free Method

With the free method, you get to receive CPs without spending money on them. One popular and sure way of earning CODM CP is by having your friends send you some CP. And yes, you can share CP with friends.

Aside from having your friends share their Call of Duty Mobile Points with you, you can also follow popular YouTubers, comment and share their content for a chance to win free points in CODM. Unlike the paid method that is fast, the free method unfortunately is not fast. You do have to wait a couple of hours or even days to receive free CPs.

COD Points Code Generator & Hacks

Aside from the free and paid method, people also use COD points code generator to generate points for the game. For other, some of the available hacks and cheats for COD Mobile tend to as well work for them.


Hopefully, by perusing this guide, you now understand what COD CP is and how to get them. Are you currently using a method that we have covered on this guide to earn free COD Points? If so, please let us know in the comment section below.