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About Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of duty is a mobile game. However, it was first available for PC users. However, due to its popularity and wide acceptance in the game world, a mobile version was released. COD is a mobile war game that is available on both Android and iOS platform. The game is available for free to be downloaded, installed and played. However, there are various in-game upgrades that players must pay for with real money to enjoy.

In COD, players must go to the war zone and compete with other players. To make the war interesting and fun, different weapons are made available. Example of weapons to expect are; guns, knife, bullet vest, helicopters, trucks etc.

Another interesting thing about COD is the fact that you get to team up with other players and form a stronger and formidable squad. These other players can be people you meet in the game as well as your friends. With the squad, you could formulate and develop a solid gun-battle strategy that leaves your team winning all the time.

Major CODM Game Modes

For those that have not already figured it out, CODM stands for Call of Duty Mobile. In CODM, there are basically two major game modes that players can choose to play. Within these game modes may or may not be other sub-game modes. BR (Battle Royale) and Multiplayers are the two major game modes available in CODM. Both game modes are very interesting. Some players have known to favour one over the other. However, there is nothing wrong in playing both.

Call Of Duty Mobile Hacks Cheat: Surviving

In this section, we talk about the different techniques and strategies that anyone beginner to expert can use. These techniques will increase your chances of surviving and possibly emerging winner in every gun battle.

Have a favorite Gun

As stated earlier, guns are one of the many weapons freely provided in the game. There are different kinds of gun ranging from SMGs, Assault Rifle to long-range snipping guns. Each of the guns have their pros and cons. Recoil is one of the cons that’s inherited by virtually every gun. You want to pick your go-to gun, use it and master it. That way, you will easily control its recoil and improve target aiming. But if you make it a habit of jumping between many guns, you will lack mastery of the guns. By spending time with a particular gun, you will understand which attachments are suitable for the gun to make it more effective.

Call of Duty Mobile Hacks Tutorial

For instance, if you an assault rifle like AK117 is your favorite weapon, you will understand that ‘firm grip, bullet, dot scope’ are the essential COD mobile attachments that make the gun more effective in destroying