Do you want to learn what the best optics for AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile is? If your respond is a ‘yes’, then stick around. In this article, you will learn how to select the perfect scope for the most popular AR in CODM. With the perfect optics for your Assault Rifle, you get to achieve easy aim at your target without hassles. With the right optics, your kill rate will increase and you will survive more in gun-battles.

What is Optics in Call of Duty Mobile?

best optics for AK47

The purpose of newbies and first-timers, we have decided to give a brief explanation of what optics is in CODM. That way, we are ensuring that everybody is on the same page. And also, that nobody is left behind.

Optics is nothing but small attachment that can be attached to guns. Their function is bringing targets closer for easy aiming and kill. By zooming in on the target, it makes it super easy to aim on specific areas of the target. Optics makes achieving those sweet head-shots insanely possible.

Types of Optics in CODM

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are different types of optics. Each optics has its unique strengths and weaknesses. So, a firm knowledge of their Pros and Cons is vital in selecting the right Optics for AK47 Assault Rifle.

We have the tactical optics suitable for the SMGs (Semi-Automatic Gun). The Holographic optics ideal for the LMGs. And the Red Dot Sight Still designed for the LMGs

Tactical Scope

The tactical scope is designed to enhance sight. This is achieved by bringing the target closer. That way, it is easy to aim in on a specific area like the chest or forehead. In the Multiplayer mode, you get to select only one tactical scope. However, you get more options when playing the Battle Royale Mode. With the Battle Royale mode, you can choose different tactical scopes. The default tactical scope, x3 and x4 tactical scopes are the available options. With each scopes (x3 and x4) bringing the target closer than the default scope.

Take note that the x3 and x4 are only suitable for long range use as they help bring targets closer. However, using them in a close-range combat will only work against you. Using them in short-range battles will block out the target from your sight.

Pro Tips: collect and store the x3 and x4 in your backpack and only mount them on your gun when fighting from a long distance. Doing so will help you to take more accurate long-range shots than using the default scope. Once you disengage from a long distance gun-battle, detach them and drop them back into your backpack.

Holographic Sight

Unlike the tactical scope with variations, you only get one option/design with the holographic optics. It provides a better view of the target. However, it does so with a compromise for a more peripheral view.

Red Dot Sight

The red dot sight is arguably the most popular and most widely used optics in Call of Duty Mobile. You see it more often on many professional players’ gun than any other optics. As the name implies, the red dot sight offers a precision red dot sight allowing you to accurately target your rivals without hassles. And unlike the holographic sight, the Red Dot Sight does so while still offering ample peripheral view.

What is the Best Optics for AK47 in CODM?

Now that you have been properly introduced to all the available optics in CODM, it’s time to answer a pertinent question. What is the perfect optics for Ak47? One of the most popular guns in Call of Duty Mobile?

Before we give answer to the above poised question, it is important to note that there is no one-best answer to the question. The answer will different from persons to persons. And the differences are majorly due to individual personal experiences with the different optics.

With that said and out of the way, the RED DOT SIGHT remains the best optics for AK47. It is not that difficult to see why the red dot scope ranks at the peak.


Personally, we favour the red dot over any other optics for the AK47. Its clean sight, a single red dot for aiming at target coupled with ample peripheral view is responsible for our final choice. Do you have a different opinion? If so, please let us know on the comment section. And don’t forget to back up your decision with some facts.