There are genuine reasons why you should know what the best guns in COD Mobile are. But one reason among the numerous ones ranks at the top repeatedly. With some of the top rated guns in COD mobile, your chances of winning every gun-battle is significantly increased. Good COD mobile guns bring a lot of benefits to the table. In this article, we examine what the top 3 guns in Call of Duty are as well the best attachments suitable for them.

Categories of Guns

best guns in COD Mobile

In call of duty mobile, guns are divided into different categories based on their usage. We have the AR (Assault Rifle), the SMGs (Sub-Machine guns), Sniper, Short Guns, Pistol, Launchers and LMGS. AK117 and AK47 are examples of ARs and they are suitable for long and short-range battles. The sniper with long-range kill capacity is suitable for taking long-range shots. They come in must handy when you want to maintain good distance between enemies. They make for easy getaway after disengaging from a gun-battle.

Remember that not all guns are suitable for the same battle. Guns for short range battle will not be suitable for long-range battles. So, choose your weapons wisely. As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to carry two guns. One for taking long-range shots (like the Sniper) and the other for engaging in short-distance battles.

The Best Guns in COD Mobile

So, without any further delay, let us get right into what we consider as good guns in call of duty mobile game. With these guns, your kill rate and survival scores will significantly increase. This information together with the hacks for Call of Duty Mobile Available on our site will improve your gameplay experience.

#1 Assault Rifle AK117

There are so many things that I personally love about this gun. It has lots of amazing features that makes it the number one go-to gun for many CODM professional players. The recoil rate is significantly low. Without a grip attached to the gun, you can still hit your targets easily without breaking a sweat. The low recoil rate means more easy to aim at targets.

Also, you can easily use the AK117 without mounting a tactical scope. This comes in super handy when there is no scope lying anywhere around. You can still go ahead and use the gun with high target accuracy without any hassles. Heck, I even get those lovely head-shots using my AK117 without mounting a scope. The good thing about not using scopes on gun is that your target will not be obscured even in a very close combat scenario.

The Best Attachments for the AK117

There is only so much a gun can do in its default state (without using any attachment). The same goes for AK117. But with the right attachments fitted, you do be surprise at the rate of damage the gun can achieve. With that said, the following are some of the best attachments suitable for Ak117.

Extended Magazine:

with the default magazine, you only get 20 shots. Truthfully, with only 20 shots, it is easy to run out of ammunition in a gun-fight. And as we all know, those few seconds required to reload could cause you your life. As a way to avoid running out of ammunition in the middle of a gun-battle, extended magazine is a MUST-HAVE. With an extended magazine, you bump your number of shots from 20 to 40 and in some cases even 50. With that, you are sure to always come out victorious from battle with few rounds remaining.

Firm Grip: there is literally no gun without some level of recoils. However, ever gun have its own recoil rates. Some low, while others high. Recoils are bad because they distort your aim with each shot fired. As always, you want to try as much as possible to ensure that your aim is not distorted. Fire grip is designed to reduce the amount of recoils that a gun experience after each shots. So, Firm Grip is another MUST-HAVE attachment for the AK117.

Long Barrel:

now with long barrel comes a compromise. To use the long barrel attachment, you have to give up the option is using a silencer with your gun. For some persons, the silencer is usually favored over the long barrel. But personally, it’s the long barrel over the silencer. Why? Because the silencer only reduces your gun sound and hides your location from the map. That way, the enemy cannot see what location you are firing from. But with the long barrel, your gun firing range is extended. Long barrels allow you to easily hit enemies from a long distance. And if you are like me that love engaging from a long distance, you’ll choose long barrel over a silencer.

Scope: scopes are nothing but attachments that help you aim at your targets easily. There are many types of scopes with each having their unique strengths and weaknesses. With that said, you should know that not all scopes are suitable. For me, I only mount the dot scope on my AK117. When the Dot scope is not available, I use the AK117 without scope.

Best Guns in COD Mobile: #2 Assault Rifle AK47

Second on our list of top Guns for COD mobile is the popular Ak47. The amount of damages that this gun deals on enemies is super amazing. Aside from a whopping 70% damage, it also has an amazing range of 66 points. That makes AK47 one of the best Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile for both long and short-distance battle.

However, AK47 has been despised by many due to its high recoil rate. Its high recoil rate makes it difficult to achieving the perfect aim while firing. Luckily for us, there is an easy fix to that shortcoming. And that comes in the form the different attachments that can easily be attached.

So, What Are Best Attachments for AK47?

Firm Grip: The first attachment is not that difficult to figure out given the high recoil rate of the gun. I do the say that the firm grip attachment is a MUST-HAVE for the AK47 Assault Rifle. With the firm grip attached, the recoil rate of the gun gets dramatically reduced. The next attachment that I consider important for the AK47 AR is the ‘laser sight’ which helps to improve aiming in on your target. To make your AK47 a really good weapon, you need the ‘laser sight’ attachment attached to the gun.

Scope: Scope is another important attachment ideal for AK47 AR. It makes targeting your enemies super easy. Scoring easy head shots is pretty easy and convenient when using a scope with your AR. However, you should be careful with the kind of scope you choose. Some can really mar your gaming effort. Especially when using it within a close-range combat.

The highlighted Guns above together makes up for the best guns in COD Mobile.